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Patient Care


The Patient Care Takers help patients in basic daily activities such as eating, toileting assistance, bathing, dressing and they assure timely medicines.



Sri Aishwarya Consultancy has help checking your health and blood pressure. treatments such as changing dressings care.


Cooking Services

Sri Aishwarya Consultancy has gives best cooking service in chennai has different flavour and different taste of Veg foods. with the experience cooks servants


Baby CareTaker

Baby Care Service is New Born Baby and Mother in a sophisticated manner. The services are soft spoken, calm and efficient to handle


House Maids

Sri Aishwarya Consultancy has gives in offering Regular House Maid and allied services to the clients.


Sri Aishwarya Consultancy provide qualified 100% Reliable Home Nurses, Patient Care Takers, Attenders and Veg cooking services. Sri Aishwarya Consultancy has become well known for excellent care, total discretion and a personally tailored service, which strives to meet our client's requirements perfectly. We work with a variety of clients throughout the City.

By careful recruitment and training and thorough checking of references for all nurses and care staff, we match qualifications, experience and personalities with clients specific needs. We have dedicated Professionals with direct experience and understanding of customer needs. This means we are able to build a valuable and lasting partnership with you based on your exact requirements. The management undertake to provide identity details, photos with finger prints of the worker to the employer. Sri Aishwarya Consultancy live care service provides you with the luxury of having the skills of a healthcare professional with you throughout the day and night(24HRS). Unlike a care home where many individuals have to be considered, live-in care is a personal one-to-one service that is tailored to the needs of each individual. A premium, bespoke care service is provided, accommodating your regular routine and specific requirements, allowing you to live your chosen lifestyle as well as adapting to your changing circumstances.

Our Services

  • Patient Care
  • Nursing
  • Cook
  • Baby Care Taker
  • House Maids